Job-related Factors and Satisfaction of Bank Employees on Digital Banking System in Bangladesh

  • Dhanonjoy Kumar
  • Abul Bashar Bhuiyan
  • Md. Jafor Ali
  • Murshid Alam
Keywords: information and communication technology, job satisfaction, bank employees, human resource, banking sector


Globally, advancement in the ICT sector has brought tremendous development in banking organisations. In Bangladesh, digitalisation motivates many banks to announce inventive services for clients such as POST/ATM service, tele-banking mobile banking, and net banking, that make banking jobs more attractive, and challenging. This research aims to identify significant job-related factors that affect job satisfaction among bank personnel in Bangladesh.  A survey questionnaire adopted from the instrument that is developed by the University of Minnesota, MSQ is used in determining the levels of satisfaction. Primary data was gathered from 414 bank employees who work at four Bangladeshi public commercial banks, and four private commercial banks. Statistical techniques including reliability tests, exploratory factor analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis are utilised to analyse the data. It is found that motivators and hygiene factors are the most significant factors that contribute to job satisfaction among bank employees. The study also suggests that there is a positive relationship among motivators, hygiene factors, and other job-related factors with the satisfaction of employees. 

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