Program Fast-Track SPM YAPIS-UNISEL dan Kecemerlangan Pelajar Tahfiz

  • Mohd Azrin Abd Rahim Universiti Selangor
Keywords: Universiti Selangor;Program fast-track SPM; UNISMART; Yayasan Pendidikan Islam Selangor (YAPIS)


In Malaysia, all madrasa-leavers seemed not to get the same opportunity like any other students to pursue their study to a higher level after completing their memorization of Al-Qur’an. Only a small number of them will continue in the religious study in madrasa while others will start working without any academic qualification. As a result, the society will be deprived from getting any benefit from them. In order to provide the solution for this situation, a fast-track program for Malaysia Certificate of Education(MCE) examination is being held by Selangor Islamic Development Foundation (YAPIS) in collaboration with Universiti Selangor (UNISEL). This program which run into its forth year in 2015 had successfully proved that these group of students are capable to achieve excellent result in SPM on par with other students from conventional education system even though they were just being trained for barely ten months. This can be considered as outstanding achievement since most of them were exposed up to primary education only before they entered into this program. The SPM results which were announced in 2013 and 2014 had shown that they  achieved the same result as compared to those students in secondary education mainstream. Some even scored with flying colors. Their ability to absorbed the subjects being taught in MCE level in a short period of time might have linked to their ability to memorize the whole Al-Qur’an before joining this program. If such achievement can be maintained and improved year after year, it might seem to be a good alternative for parents to send their children to learn Al-Qur’an first before pursuing any opportunity to study in a higher level later.

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Mohd Azrin Abd Rahim, Universiti Selangor

Faculty of Business & Accountancy

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