Employees turnover intention of service industry in Malaysia

  • Nga Ching Sim PHD(MANAGEMENT)
  • Rosima Alias
Keywords: turnover intention, service industry, leadership styles, organisational culture


This study investigates the reliability and effectiveness of various leadership styles and organisational cultures in influencing turnover intention in Malaysia's service industry. The research employs a detailed reliability analysis of the measurement instruments to ensure the validity and robustness of the conclusions drawn. Data were collected using a cross-sectional design and analysed using SPSS version 28.0. Transformational leadership, authentic leadership, organisational culture, and turnover intention were measured using established scales. The reliability of these constructs was assessed using Cronbach's alpha, with all constructs exceeding the recommended threshold of 0.70, indicating strong internal consistency. The results show that transformational and authentic leadership styles, as well as a positive organisational culture, significantly influence turnover intention. The findings underscore the importance of fostering effective leadership and a supportive organisational culture to reduce employee turnover. This study provides valuable insights for organisations in the service industry seeking to improve employee retention and organisational performance.

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