Halal Cleansing Operations towards Halal Integrity

A Literary Insight

  • Noorsiah Ahmad Universiti Selangor
  • Sariwati Mohd. Shariff Universiti Teknologi MARA
Keywords: Halal logistics; Ritual cleansing; Sertu; Halal integrity


This literary paper aims to provide an insight on halal cleansing operations towards halal integrity in Malaysia. Halal logistics is an important activity to meet the demand from the halal manufacturers to maintain integrity of their halal products supply chain. Halal cleansing operations is to ensure halal integrity is assured for the Muslim customers. However, the adoption of the halal cleansing operations in Malaysia is relatively low. Therefore, this study explores the literary review of the halal cleansing operations process, its related policies and procedural requirements, as stated in the Malaysian Standards MS2400:2010 for halalan-toyyiban assurance pipeline, or known as the halal supply chain management. Halal cleansing operations is significant for halal integrity implementation in the halal logistics’ equipment not only through compliance of the MS2400 requirements but more so with in-depth understanding and observance of the Shariah requirements. In summary, the knowledge and literature on halal cleansing or sertu operations can used as a reference for the halal authority, halal logistics service providers and researchers in halal logistics and supply chain management.

Author Biographies

Noorsiah Ahmad, Universiti Selangor

Faculty of Business and Accountancy

Sariwati Mohd. Shariff, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS)

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